• ---BONITA---With the wind
    into the sun
    ---Trendy shades, elegant navy
    and functional outfits are perfect
    for a romantic sailing trip.

Bonita designs fashion for women who want to emphasise their individual style.

Every item of clothing impresses with its attention to detail and perfect fit. The looks are authentic, stylish and highlight a woman’s natural beauty. A high level of colour precision and outfits which complement each other perfectly offer plenty of opportunities for individual combinations. New items appear in BONITA stores every day and these can be combined with existing collections. BONITA places particular value on high-end production and top quality. For this reason, every collection undergoes strict quality controls before being delivered. The collections appear 12 times a year and are sold exclusively via the retail segment. BONITA's number one priority is to provide its customers with friendly, expert and personal advice so as to achieve the greatest possible level of customer satisfaction. Qualified and trained sales assistants in the BONITA stores ensure the specific needs of customers are fulfilled – and customers value BONITA for this service.

With the wind into the sun (Spring/Summer 2015)
The weather is perfect for a sailing trip. Early in the morning, he packs his bag and makes his way to his boat for a relaxed Saturday with his sweetheart. And he can’t do it without the perfect sailing outfit. In addition to blue chinos and a checked shirt, a quilted sailing vest in elegant navy is part of the outfit. Full of anticipation for what the day will bring, she’s waiting for him on the jetty. She has combined 7/8 pants in a trendy shade of coral with a twinset and functional jacket in walnut-gray. To ready themselves for the day, they start off with an early breakfast on board. After travelling a few miles at sea, it’s time for a picnic on the jetty. They spend the evening with a cocktail in the garden of their house with a view of the ocean sunset. He wears a navy blue blazer and brown chinos. She surprises him in an elegant blue dress with while polka dots. They while away the evening together in a romantic atmosphere.

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Foundedin1979historyEstablished in 1979, BONITA is one of the leading European fashion brands for women and men over 40 years of age.Flashback
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