BONITA has always stood for fashion in current styles and is directed at the 40+ target group in particular.

Giving women a feeling of confidence , the brand doesn’t run after trends, but instead offers adult fashion in current styles. As of fall 2015 and in line with the motto “THAT’S ME,” BONITA is putting the self-aware customer even more in the limelight and positioning itself as a modern partner. The collections are still turning heads thanks to their loving attention to detail and perfect fit. The looks are authentic, stylish and emphasize the customer’s natural beauty. BONITA places particular importance on diverse combinability, an optimal fit, and excellent customer service and support.

Ibiza, Marseille, California and Mykonos — we set sail towards the sun with strong styles for confident women in our spring/summer 2016 collections.

The BONITA spring/summer 2016 collections are inspired by a vast variety of ideas: Dots, checks, decorative patterns as well as geometric and graphic prints accompany us through the season. Extravagant patterns are the key theme of the collections, with a modern touch for that certain something: The turquoise chiffon vest is presented with a chic fringe, the t-shirt is pepped-up with transparent sleeves and combined with powdery soft shades. Flamingos and butterflies inspired the exciting patterns, which are complemented by subtle, understated designs. Let the hot summer days begin!

Corporate Facts

Key information on the BONITA brands:

Foundedin1979historyEstablished in 1979, BONITA is one of the leading European fashion brands for women and men over 40 years of age.Flashback
BONITA mensince 2009BONITA menThe first menswear collection are launched and sold in own retails stores.See the latest
Almost1000retailstoresstoresFriendliness and expert advice for costumers is emphasized in our stores – a key element of the corporate philosophy.overview
distribution in8countriesdistributionBONITA and its collections can be found in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland.overview
12collectionsperyearbrandsOur collections are characterized by attention to detail, perfect fit and color precision.See the latest
e-shopshoponlinenowe-shopThe twelve collections of BONITA and BONITA men are also available online at www.bonita.de.Shop Now